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A lot of webmasters, programmers, and developers scrape Google to obtain useful information. They extract the desired web pages and export data to CSV and JSON formats. Several scraping tools have been introduced in recent months, but the most famous ones are mentioned below.


It is a useful service to scrape thousands of Google links within just ten minutes. With, you can build your own datasets and export data to CSV and JSON files. This tool doesn't need you to write any code and has 1000+ APIs to perform its task. It is best known for its machine learning technology and fetches data according to your desire. This free app is currently available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux users. is not only a web scraper but also a data extractor and crawler.


With, you can directly access real-time data and crawl thousands of Google links in a matter of minutes. Webhose is best known for its machine learning technology and can transform your data into more than 120 languages. Also, it saves the results in formats like JSON, RSS and XML., Programmers and businessmen use to scrape different news outlets and travel portals and download the data directly to their hard drives.

3. CloudScrape:

CloudScrape, also known as, is a comprehensive service used to scrape Google in a few minutes. It is suitable for enterprises and mainly targets dynamic websites. Spammers use this service to copy web content of different sites. It provides a browser-based editor and uses bots to crawl your web pages and extract information in real-time. You can easily save the extracted data on Google Drive or or get it exported as JSON and CSV.

4. Scrapinghub:

If you are looking to scrape 1,000 Google links in five to ten minutes, Scrapinghub is the right tool for you. It is a cloud-based data extractor and content mining program with lots of features and properties. Scrapinghub is mainly used by hackers to fetch valuable web content and has a smart proxy rotator to get your work done conveniently.

5. Visual Scraper:

With Visual Scraper, you can easily target and scrape more than two thousand Google links in a matter of seconds. It is one of the most amazing and famous web scraping and data extraction programs. Data can be exported to formats like SQL, JSON, XML, and CSV. You can easily collect, monitor and extract web content with its simple point-and-click interface. To ensure its users' protection, Google has implemented a number of strategies and asks you to insert captcha on a regular basis. It means if you send twenty requests to the search engines, some of them will be rejected right away if the captcha is not inserted properly. Google aims to prevent users from scraping its search engine links, but the above tools are widely used to extract data from websites and blogs.

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